Thursday, October 13, 2011


In this modern era, where most cellphones are expected to include high-quality cameras, some might forget how important the creation of video truly is. Camera phones are already replacing point-and-shoot cameras, creating a new market for high quality cameras, such as DSLRs. From watching TV at home or on your cellphone while riding the trains, videos are an useful way to get your message to a wide audience.

Watching some 1seg TV on the train
Image: Watching some 1seg TV on the train by kalleboo by CC Licensing.

What is capitalizing off an growing camera phone market, and popularizing it at the same time, is YouTube. While TV is used by many big corporations, YouTube allows the average person to post any kind of video they want, except for nudity of course. Disregarding Music Videos and movie trailers, what is really fascinating on YouTube is a vlog, a video blog. It is very useful to not only express yourself, but also as a way either gain exposure in hopes being famous, boost your business, or to simply vlog as a way to update your relatives and friends if you are studying abroad, such as Megan Chun who will study in Norway.

A really interesting vlogger on Youtube, who is also one of the most subscribed, is Nigahiga. A half-Japanese vlogger who is making a parody of another famous channel on YouTube, EpicMealTime.

Due to the availability of cheap high-quality video cameras, and YouTube, along with the rise of the internet, there are normal people gaining their own respective fame where it would otherwise not be possible. Video alows us to capture and share thoughts and emotions where words and pictures might otherwise not be enough.


  1. lol Epic Meal Time. 3 words: Fast Food Sushi :P

  2. I'm with you on this - the growth and popularity of vlogging in recent years is an interesting development. Cheap high quality cameras and the emergence of YouTube have led to this huge form of media expression.

    I'm not sure if the ds106 assignment bank for Video has YouTube Parody - this seems like a great idea. Why don't you write up and submit such an assignment if there isn't already one there.